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If your home has flood light fixtures that are corroded; rusted, or simply no longer adjustable, this is an easy, and inexpensive way to correct the problem. You can now purchase a product capable of shedding light on any desired location, so why go through the expense of buying a new base fixture, and hiring an electrician to install it?

If you have shrubs or trees that have grown, and now block your external flood lights, we have the answer! Additionally; If you’ve added eve troughs to your home, that now block your old flood lights, FGFLEX works nicely.

Finally, if you have recessed lighting, such as interior track lighting, this product makes it entirely adjustable. The FGFLEX can be installed in 2 minutes, and will give you a great  “retro” look, PLUS, as stated before, you can direct the light to any area that needs illumination effortlessly!

We’ve gone through the Patent Process and are now, “Patent Pending,” with a design that is heavy duty, weather resistant, and maintains it’s position during strong winds. The FGFLEX is either 9” or 10” long and the gooseneck is a full ½” in diameter.

imgresWe’ve taken our product through a rigorous safety testing process, and have been certified by CONA, who are recognized throughout Europe, and are now becoming commonplace in the United States.

WARNING:  Anytime you work with an item that uses electricity you must shut the power to that unit off at the circuit breaker/fuse box. Check and double check; also, If using a ladder, make sure it is stable before beginning installation.

A shipping fee of $5.99 is integrated with the payment gateway, for any additional questions or comments please call (904) 860-6435, thank you.

Flexible Gooseneck Flood Light Extension